How do I get started with my brand new Tone It Up Nutrition Plan?

Welcome to the team!!  You’ve taken the first step in changing your life!  First things first babe!!  As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your Nutrition Plan and next steps!  Get ready girl - here we go!! ;)

Follow these steps to be an expert Tone It Up Member in no time: 

1. Access your plan materials.  

2. Learn the Basics! 

3. Start a Challenge!

    a) If there is a group challenge going on, don't be shy! Join in right away! Start at the point where everyone else is in the current challenge so you're sync'd up with the team. 

   b) If there isn't a major challenge going on pick the most recent and start with Week 1! 


4. Get active in the Community! 

    a) Login to your account at and go to:

    b) Post your daily checkins! 

    c) Join groups and reach out to other community members. 

    d) Post any questions you have to the Members Only Group. You have a whole team here for support :)

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