Where do I go to stream my videos?


We love to stream our Premium Workouts on toneitup.com! This is the best option if you don't plan to download and save the videos on your device! :)

***NOTE: Make sure you have a strong Wifi Connection when streaming and downloading your workouts. If downloading your workouts, we recommend storing your videos on an external hard drive or thumb drive as some of the files are pretty large and can take up quite a bit of space.

You can stream your workouts by following the steps below:

  1. > Make sure you’re logged Into your Account. Be sure to use the account you used to make your purchase.
  2. > Click on the “Shop” category on the far right.
  3. > To stream your videos, click on “My Video”.
  4. > On the “My Video” page, you can check out all of the workouts you’ve purchased.
  5. > Just click on the workout you want to see and you’re all set!
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