How can I download my videos to a mobile device?


To Play Offline on your Handheld Device via Download

If you want to view your workouts from your phone or tablet without a data or wifi connection you can download the files and play them offline. While this method doesn’t require an internet connection after the initial download, the files will take up significant space on your device. We recommend using this method in limited cases where you know you will want to view specific workouts and you won’t have internet access, rather than adding all files to your phone/tablet as a default.

To view your workouts offline on an iPhone or iPad you’ll need to download the files to your computer first. Then add the files to your iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes to add the workout files to iTunes on your phone. They will appear in ‘Videos’, most likely under ‘Home Videos’ by default.

To view your workouts offline on an Android device follow the instructions in ‘Start Here’ to access the files. Simply click on the file titles underneath the streaming player. Download the files one at a time as they will take a while to download completely. We recommend waiting until you have a strong wifi connection to download the files. Once you’ve downloaded a workout go to ‘downloads’ on your device and click on the title to play it.

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